OFFICIAL FUNDRAISING PARTNERSHIP

About Full Package Athletics:

Steve Pratt founded Full Package Athletics in September 2000, offering classes and basketball lessons at the Highwood Recreation Center. News traveled quickly about his unique ability to train basketball players in both individual and team skills effectively. In the winter he was invited to use facilities at the nearby Bannockburn Club for practices and training sessions, and the Full Package Athletics program was firmly established.

“We’ve developed a family atmosphere at Full Package Athletics,” notes Pratt. “I care about people and embrace the joy I get out of kids growing and giving back to the community. We help them, and they lift us up and make us better people.

“Full Package Athletics isn’t just looking for kids who are going off to college to play Division I basketball. We are looking to help every kid who enjoys playing basketball and is willing to work and learn. There are no other requirements.

“We are offering a very positive experience in basketball. The kids learn to play well. For a team to be successful, the kids must be unselfish and must think about other people. To build a championship team, it takes time, and it takes sharing the ball and playing well together. We want every kid to have a healthy experience at Full Package Athletics.


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